Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Induce Labor at Home - Easy to Use Methods

By Julie Ingham

Pregnancy is always a time for great joy and happiness. The prospect of being a parent almost takes over the mind to a point of near insanity. So whilst a lot of mothers experience the joyful pain of pregnancy there are others who just want a child and get over with it. And the good news for such mothers is that there are ways of how to induce labor at home.

One guaranteed method used by a number of women is staying active. A lot of doctors actually recommend that expecting mothers desist from being too active but this actually induces labor. Instead of lying idle the whole day just take walks around the neighborhood. It is the swaying movement of the hips that places the baby in the right position for child birth.

In relation to physical activity sex has been highlighted as one factor that can bring about labor. Again the continuous shifting of the baby inside the womb during sex does the same as when you are taking walks and engaging in sweaty activities. In addition to this it is said that hormones released during a female orgasm trigger the child birthing process by a large margin. Also semen is believed to have the same effect.

Primrose oil is a type of medication that is inserted in the vagina. Primrose oil is used to actually prepare the womb for child birth in a number of ways. The cervix is very easily ripened and readied for giving birth. So as the vagina absorbs it the process of contracting starts slowly.

Castor oil is yet another natural alternative for child birth and labor. Much to your surprise this oil will start convulsions and spasms in your stomach. The moment this starts happening you should be ready for the contractions in the womb that are instantly triggered by this. But you should know that a side effect of using Castor oil is diarrhea.

The most popular and safest way is to use acupressure to induce labor. It is a method that has been used for thousands of years and in addition to it starting labor it also gives you natural pain relief and helps you relax. It is very easy to use and learn and it's great to have you partner learn it.

Research has been conducted and is showing that over eighty percent of pregnant women who use acupressure to induce labor experience a normal labor with less complications than other women that do not use the techniques. Did you know that it can also shorten the amount of time one is in labor?

Want to learn how to use acupressure? It's easy and anyone can learn it. Check out these easy to learn acupressure techniques:

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